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If you already have an IRC client (such as mIRC) installed, you can connect to SwiftIRC by executing the command "/server" in your client.

If you would prefer to chat from your web browser, SwiftIRC provides two options:

Summary of the different clients


This client runs directly in your browser and is like any other AJAX based web site (e.g. Google Mail). There are no downloads required, no Java/flash, and there are no outgoing connections other than to our qwebirc web server.

This client can help you get you on IRC even if you are behind a strict firewall or use a corporate proxy server.


This is a Java based client, and requires you to have a Java runtime engine installed. It makes a connection on port 6667 from your computer to the IRC server, so you may have to configure your firewall to allow the connection.

Despite its disadvantages in compatibility, this client offers more features and a nice user interface.


If you intend to connect to IRC from your workplace or educational establishment, please ensure that this does not violate any acceptable usage agreement that you may be subject to. Please note that any abuse committed on SwiftIRC from a business or educational establishment may be reported to the network abuse contact for the organization in question.

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Access list entries: 22,536

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Server time: 2016-06-26 15:31:06 UTC

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